Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Class of 1967

Mission 1959-62 -- Over the Top! -- Alma Mater -- Mission 2007

Overton High School exists to help each student become an effective individual in the democratic life of the community, intelligently concerned with the rights of others, honest and courageous in his support of the things he deems right. -- James M. Hewlett, Principal, 1961

The most important thing you will ever learn in this school and in life, is self-discipline. Self-discipline is define as one’s determination, fortitude, or will to forego prsent minor, temporary, or cheap satisfactions for future major ones.
If you can discipline yourself, no one else will ever have to do so.
-- Students’ Handbook, Overton High School, September 1961 [saved by Bill Harrison]

Over The Top for Overton!
-- words by Thomas Swayzee, 1960

Over the top [OVER THE TOP!] for Overton,
Over the top [OVER THE TOP!] go we;
We’ll never stop [WE’LL NEVER STOP!] til Overton
Has today a victory.

Fight till the end [FIGHT TILL THE END!] for Overton
We’ll always try for fame;
Over the top [OVER THE TOP!] for Overton,
Come on let’s win this game!

(to the tune of Cornell’s Alma Mater.)

Our strong band can ne’er be broken
It can never die.
Far surpassing wealth unspoken,
Sealed by friendship’s tie.

Life the chorus! Speed it onward!
Let it never die!
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater!
Hail to Overton High!

High school life is swiftly passing;
Soon its sands are run,
While we live, we’ll ever cherish
Friendships here begun.

Mission statement, 2007

Overton High School is committed to offer a complete, high quality and unique educational program that meets the individual differences, abilities, talents, capacities, and aspirations of each student. The needs of the total person must be met so that a healthy and realistic self-concept may emerge. Our goal is to instill in each student:

  • A respect for others
  • A sense of self-confidence, self-respect and self discipline
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • A dedication to excellence
  • A commitment to the betterment of society
  • An appreciation for the aesthetic aspects of life

-- Mission Statement, Overton High School: School for the Creative and Performing Arts, 2007 Principal: Brett Lawson



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